Xango Review

Xango is a multilevel marketing company that began in 2002. It was founded by six men who had extensive experience in the network marketing industry and in marketing health and wellness products.

Xango launched with a single product, the mangosteen juice. They were the first company to market mangosteen and use the entire fruit, rind and all, in their juice for optimal health benefit. Years of research had discovered the fruit was rich in xanthones, which can have a powerful and natural anti-inflammatory effect.

So successful and popular was the mangosteen juice that Xango reached an incredible one billion in sales in six years with just this single product. They have since launched many other products, most of them containing the mangosteen pericarp, or rind, which is where most of the health benefits are found in the fruit.

Besides the mangosteen juice, Xango has had great success with their Glimpse skin care line. One of the promises the company made was to only produce products that are completely safe and free of toxins. Many personal care products do contain harmful chemicals that some consumers may not even be aware of. Educating people on these dangers, as well as offering consumers non toxic alternatives with good results has been one of the goals of the company distributors. In addition to Glimpse, Xango has a product line called Juni that consists of shampoos and other products for personal care. These natural products are safe for anyone to use, from a baby to a senior adult. The mangosteen pericarp oil is a very concentrated formula for particularly challenging skin problems.

For those who wish to have a home based business and make extra money, Xango has a compensation plan that rewards people for sharing the products with others, and teaching others how to do the same. Some people just want to use the products and will join the company to get them at a discount. Others only share them with a few friends or family members.

For those who do want to seriously pursue the income opportunity there is unlimited potential with the compensation plan. No income is earned simply by recruiting others. Commission is made when people purchase products. This is what makes all network marketing companies legal and not pyramid schemes.

The Xango founders continue to travel around the world, holding meetings and trainings are held teaching people who to build their business. There is an annual convention as well as smaller, more regional conventions held in Europe and other locations for those who cannot attend in the USA. Distributors are encouraged to attend events close to them whenever possible. The best way to learn how to be successful is to hear from others who have already done it. In addition distributors are there to encourage and support each other and there are great benefits from spending time with like minded people.

From its beginnings in 2002, when Xango was only available in the United States and Canada, it has since expanded throughout Europe and Asia, in fact over 30 countries in all now.

Xango is a good choice if you are looking for a home based business opportunity. They have a variety of patented products people are passionate about, and it is a very stable company with nearly ten years of remarkable growth.