NuSkin Review

Nu Skin was founded in the year 1984 by a brother sister duo (Blake and Nedra Roney), their friends Stev Lund and Sandi Tillotson. Nu Skin is a direct sales company in the US that makes and promotes various nutritional supplements, cosmetics and technology services. Initially the team started with a budget of just $5000 and a big dream that resulted in more than 800,000 active distributors in more than 45 countries of the world. NuSkin has a sound revenue history and its projected revenues for 2011 are around $1.60 billion. Many Nu Skin reviews have lauded the success achieve by the company. Since beginning, Nu Skin’S ultimate mission has been to improve the quality of life of people by offering them quality products, good business opportunities and a enriching and uplifting culture.

Nu Skin distributes its products under 3 brand names such as Pharmanex, Big Planet and Photomax. Pharmanex is responsible for formulating various dietary supplements, Big Planet makes new business tools and services for assisting companies in direct marketing. Photomax is its digital imaging division as per Nu Skin review

All its products are formulated from the high quality natural components to give efficient and quality results. Some of their formulations are expensive, but many people claim to have reduced their wrinkles, fine line, discoloration, age spot to a great extent and many of their products also help in increasing smoothness and radiance of the skin to a great extent.

Many of their skin care products help in repairing the damaged skin due to UV rays. Some of the products reduce the biological and environmental signs of aging in humans. There is a firm money back guarantee if you do not get the promised results within 180 days. What more can you ask for?

Compensation Plan

The best way to make money in any MLM company is to generate volume sales. If you can do that, you can earn tons of money. Nu Skin review pays approximately 45 percent and they have solid history of paying highest commissions in the entire network marketing industry. You can check this information yourself as Nu Skin is a publicly traded company and they are required by the law to provide this information in a most accurate way.

The attractive compensation plan of the company is doing its job in a perfect way and is encouraging talent from various parts of the globe to come forward and promote the world class products of this amazing company. You should not compare Nu Skin with other run-of-the-mill network marketing companies as this company means business. Their comp plan has been creating blue diamonds on almost weekly basis, which reaffirms that their compensation plan is indeed solid.

Nu Skin offers you excellent business opportunity to make good money by selling their products. It provides extensive field training and support with the help of seminars and events. It offers attractive compensation to all its affiliates and has a solid history of doing that since its inception. One can easily get products from their chain of network markets or even directly from Nu Skin.