Mary Kay Review 

For almost fifty years, women entrepreneurs have been involved in the Mary Kay business . Many are simply customers, but some are involved in the business opportunity. If you love skin care products and cosmetics and enjoy meeting and working with others, this could be a good business for you, and this Mary Kay review is meant to help you with your decision.

One of the best things about Mary Kay is that it is well established and generally has a good reputation. The founder, Mary Kay Ash, wanted to help who desired to be in business for themselves. She believed in a marketing plan that enabled women to succeed by assisting others. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance, and every product has a money back guarantee. They were one of the first companies who pledged they would not allow animal testing on any products. With hundreds of products to chose from, worldwide sales are over two billion dollars.

Mary Kay products are scientifically formulated and are well regarded for their quality. Although most of their products are for women, in recent years products for men have become available.

The Mary Kay business is one that encourages home parties as a way to build the business. When a consultant is beginning her business she often will host the first party herself, and then ask those who have attended if they would do the same. Often the consultant will offer an incentive to the person hosting, such as free products or discounts or something similar. House parties are most successful, because many people like to see, smell and even try cosmetic or skin care products before buying them. You are more likely to have a satisfied customer this way.

This will build your customer base, and some may be interested in earning extra income and will want to join as a consultant. While you will earn a commission on every product you sell, you will earn much more by bringing people into the business and training them to do as you do. Then you can earn a percentage on the sales they generate.

Learning the proper sales techniques and how to have a successful party is a skill that may take time to master. You can get help from an area manager as well as whoever sponsored you into the business. Training seminars are commonly held as well.

As a Mary Kay consultant, you will need to keep some inventory of products on hand. This is so you have a good selection for demonstrations and use at home parties, as well as to have for immediate sales. When you are first starting out, you may want to keep a smaller amount of inventory until you start selling and making money.

No Mary Kay review would be complete without mentioning that while there is unlimited income potential, a lot will depend on your own efforts. You can build your business at your own pace, and working hours that suit you. This makes it an excellent opportunity, particularly for stay at home moms.