Avon Review

Avon is a network marketing company that has been in business for over one hundred years. Avon was the first business to establish a direct sales model, and provided the opportunity for homemakers to earn an income at a time when few married women had regular paying jobs. For this reason Avon was a successful company right from the beginning.

Today, Avon remains an appealing way for both women and men to make extra money with an extensive product line. There is no risk involved since you aren't required to maintain any inventory. There is a one time small fee but this is taken out of the profits of your first two orders. The only other expense you would have is brochures. It is up to you how many of these you would want to have. Some people join Avon to get the products themselves at a discount and to sell to family members or friends. Others are more ambitious and want to make a lot of money. Whatever your goals are you can work to achieve them with Avon.

When the company began it was noted for its perfumes and cosmetics. Avon has greatly expanded their products they sell now and this includes such things as clothing, jewelry, candles and other items for the home, and much more.

Avon began as a door to door sales business and while this method may still be used by some representatives, marketing today may be done online, by hosting house parties or getting others to do so, at craft fairs and any other method you may wish. Representatives may have a company web site which they personalize with their own name and contact information. Those who are more creative or knowledgeable might create their own site by blogging or adding videos about the products and having links where people can click on them and order online. Word of mouth and referrals can help grow your business as well. Many satisfied customers may be happy to recommend you and the Avon products to people they know.

As an Avon representative you have the advantage of marketing products from a company with huge name recognition. Almost everyone has heard of Avon and many people have a positive impression, which makes it easier for you. The company sales are in the billions every year, demonstrating wide appeal. In addition each product has a money back guarantee.

To get your Avon business off to to a great start, training is available from your area manager. That person will guide you, or direct you to where you can get the training you need. In addition support is offered at the company web site, and you can interact online with other representatives and get advice from those building a business just like you. One of the biggest advantages is you work the hours that suit you, making Avon ideal for those with young families or who have limited time.

No Avon review would be complete without mentioning how involved the company is in charitable work and particularly those things of interest to women. The Avon Foundation for Women has a focus on helping women financially with scholarships for both their representatives and family members, but also with fundraising for breast cancer as well as help for women who have been victims of domestic violence.