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Multilevel Marketing (MLM) represents a marketing concept, one of the methods of developing and moving the products from the producer to the consumer, using just one intermediary: the independent agent.


The independent sales agents (distributors) from the manufacture-company establish direct contacts with the potential buyers, for example at such places as place of their residence or work. The sales agent receives profit from selling the goods directly to the buyer and a certain percent from the amount of sales that he made.

The Multilevel marketing allows:

  • to reduce to a certain extent the unemployment and increase the employment;
  • to establish new social connections between the people;
  • it allows anyone, who wishes, to start a business without any great expenses even in case of a fail. The multilevel marketing gives all the people the possibility to score a success, but never guarantees it

Amway Review

Amway is a USA based company that deals with the sales of the household chemicals, cosmetics, dietary supplements and other products. For the development of the goods the company uses the technologies of direct sales and marketing strategy with the multilevel system of compensation.

Amway sells its products to the Amway Independent Entrepreneurs and Independent Business Owners that buy the goods by themselves sell it to the third party or invite new people to the business.

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Nikken Review

In order to realize its own concept, the Nikken Company provides an ideal opportunity for obtaining the success.

The founders of Nikken chose the multilevel marketing for the business organization as the most balanced approach that leads to achievement of the desired goals in life.

They believe that this approach will help you to achieve the perfect well-being - a healthy lifestyle and financial success.

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Mary Kay Review

The Mary Kay Company was founded due to a certain woman’s dream, who wanted to improve the lives of the women all over the world; and now – more then 45 years have passed and it still remains one of the most successful cosmetic companies. Mary Kay today - is one of the world's largest companies, offering products for the skin care and color cosmetics using the method of the direct sales. The number of independent consultants in over 30 countries around the world exceeds 1.8 million people every year and still continues to grow.

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Other MLM Businesses Reviews

Today the Avon Company has won one of the leading positions on the cosmetic world market. The company is based in England, and its products are produced on all the continents; it has offices in 140 countries. The brand Avon is the undisputed leader in direct sales with the annual turnover of more than 5 billion dollars.

It is a privately held company based in Utah (USA), working with more than one million independent distributors worldwide. The company works in the USA and Canada, Mexico, Japan, Germany and Malaysia. Its actions lead to the sales in its purest form - a deal "from person to person," from which all the participants gain their benefit, including consumers, who receive more detailed information about the product than if he addressed to an ordinary retailer.

Nu Skin
The Nu Skin Enterprises production is sold to the consumers through the certain network of the independent distributors. It offers one of the most profitable systems of compensation for the distributors (up to 42% commission). For the 20-year history of the company’s activity it helped 400 of its distributors to become millionaires. Nu Skin Enterprises has approx. 800 000 independent representatives in Asia, Europe, North and South America, Australia and New Zealand.